About Us


About Us

The Sudanese Society for Research in Arts, Fine Arts and Humanities, a non-profitable association, was established in January 2005 and is located in France. 

The Society is concerned with the activation of research in arts, literature and humanities. It aims at bringing to worlds attention Sudanese writers, thinkers, and artists in various fields of creativity. It also aims at working together with all identified individuals to provide local and international venues for presenting, promoting and publishing their works.

The Democratic Forum plays a central role in the activities of the Societys website hoping that it will be an arena for healthy debate which shall provide, together with the contributions of those who are genuinely interested, a solid foundation for democratic debate and exchange of ideas in which no denial of the other is experienced.

Through Respect, the Sudanese Journal for Human Rights Culture and Issues of Cultural Diversity, we aspire to contribute to consolidate awareness of human and civic rights, and promote the conceptual respect of ,and appreciation for, the richness of our multiethnic , multicultural and multi-intellectual society, to become an essential component of our awareness and spontaneous behavior and a firm grantee to bring about a democracy based on respect for civic rights and social justice inculcated naturally in our conceptions and frames of reference.

The society has decided to adopt the title Sudan For All hoping that it would be a welcoming haven for all those who dream of a genuinely democratic country and work together to realize that dream on solid grounds of institutionalizing concepts. We hope for a country that accommodates all of us, irrespective of ideological, spiritual, geographic or ethnic differences. We will work on all these issues, through research, discussion, exchange of ideas and criticism on the Website and its forum for such an accommodating country.

The society is supervised by:

- Mrs. Nagat Mohamed Ali
General administrator of the Site.

- Dr. Abdalla Ahmed Bashir (Abdalla Bola)

- Dr. Hassan Musa

The consultants committee includes:

Mr. Ismail Eltag
Dr. Patricia Musa
Dr. Abdelsalam Hamad
Dr. Fatma Babiker Mahmoud
Dr. Mohamed Suliman
Dr. Mohamed Mahmoud
Mr. Mustafa Adam
Mr. Adil Algassas

The website is designed and developed by the artist Ahmed Elmardi.
The artistic layout of the Democratic Forum is done by the artist Iman Shaggag. She has also participated in the website design and development.
The accomplishment of this website could not have been possible without their creative contribution.
Let us, together, applause their magnificent contribution, their patience and genuine interest.

Special thanks go to the members of the consultants committee who willingly accepted to support our efforts and contributed generously with their comments and insightful suggestions. We would also like to thank whoever responded positively to our call to join the Democratic Forum and those who contributed to the different pages of the website and to all those who showed their encouragement and appreciation of the idea of establishing the website.

We hope that this website will be able to live up to your expectations. We will spare no effort to make sure that it will be a real contribution to Sudanese websites in the cyber space. We would also like to make it very clear that the multiplication of such websites, addressing various interests and activities and their collaboration, will eventually help, realizing our dream of a genuinely democratic Sudan.



Important Notice

In accordance with the intellectual property regulations, we hereby declare that the Society shall not publish, on its pages , or any other form deemed appropriate by the supervisors, any contribution not forwarded to the society by its own author. Consequently, it is not allowed to transfer or cut and paste any contribution from our pages to any other website or any other form of publication.The regular, authenticated quotations, according to the established academic regulations. are exempted. Authors who send previously published contributions should abide by the intellectual property regulations set by the source of previous publication.


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