We at the Sudanese Society for Research in Arts, Literature and Humanities, and at the Respect editorial staff are pleased to present you with our third issue, the theme of which is 'women's rights are a pre-requisite for justice, development and peace'.

One of our goals is to give our readers maximum exposure to other peoples' experiences in the fields of multiculturalism and human rights. To this end, a relevant article is included in this issue by a prominent Dutch sociologist who focuses on the subject of women and development in Yemen. We hope to give you more reports that deal with multiculturalism and human rights in the next issue.

The third issue of Respect coincides with the first anniversary of the tragic death of John Garang de Mabior – a man whose absence from the Sudanese political stage raises a big question mark over the peace process and whether Sudan will remain a unified country. This, of course, is closely linked to the bigger issue of our multicultural society – which is one of the two axles on which Respect rolls; and the next issue will focus on this very subject. We do hope that specialists in this field would post their researches, opinions and/or suggestions.

We are doing everything we can in order to have a hard copy of Respect to be distributed home and abroad and welcome any suggestions. In the meantime we do hope that the articles in the current issue would whet your appetite for a fruitful debate.

Thanks to all who have contributed to this issue. Respect can not accomplish its mission without your own input. Let us have it.   


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