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Hommage Hussein Shariffe, lartiste plasticien, cinaste et pote
Homage to Hussein Shariffe, the painter, cinematographer & poet


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Ladministration du Site a lhonneur et le grand plaisir dinaugurer sa section Cinma par un hommage au grand artiste, peintre, cinaste et pote, Hussein Shariffe.

Dans le cadre de cet hommage, nous lui consacrons paralllement une exposition de peinture la section dArts Plastiques au Site.

Nous envisageons aussi de prsenter des extraits de ses films dans la rubrique de cette section intitule Exemples duvres des cinmatographes soudanais.

The administration of the Sudan for All website is very much honored to launch the Cinema section by celebrating the life and works of the great Sudanese artist, the late Hussein Sheriffe, the artist, cinematographer and poet. The celebration involves, as well, an exhibition, showing some of his works, in the plastic art section of the website. We also intend to present samples of his cinematographic productions as part of the section titled Samples of Sudanese cinematographers work in this section.


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